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The kitchen has always been called the heart of the home.  We think it is more than that.  For many families, it is the control room, the restaurant, the bakery, the homework room, the bar, the kids dance studio, home office, the coffee shop in fact it is everything in one. For some, it is is simply a place to cook or serve the takeaway.

Whatever you use your kitchen for, whether it is big, medium or small, you will probably spend more time in it than anywhere else in your home. While you are awake at least. Hence, we believe it should be everything you want it to be.

At Maple Lane we can almost certainly help you achieve your dream kitchen. Let Maple Lane take the dreams in your head and make them real. 

We work with any budget to help you get the best value you can for your money. All our kitchens are made with high quality, sustainable materials so, they will last and look great for many years.

From basic, functional kitchens to top end designer kitchens, with all the accessories, appliances and storage solutions, from traditional through modern to contemporary kitchens,  Maple Lane designs and installs, your kitchen for you and your needs and desires.

Alternatively you can insatall your self or hire your own fitters. A DIY enthusiast should take some guidance before fitting, even if, they are very competent, because the kithen fitting process has nuances that make them work in a practical way.

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